Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Pied flycatcher

10 May 2015/ Bolton Abbey 

The pied flycatcher is a small, flycatching bird, slightly smaller than a house sparrow. The male is mostly black on the upperparts and white underneath, with a bold white patch on the folded wing. Females are browner. It is a summer visitor and breeds mainly in western areas, spending the winter in West Africa.(link)

Spotted Flycatcher

10 May 2016
Bolton Abbey

 At first glance, spotted flycatchers might seem dull brownish-grey and - well - a bit boring. It's better to think of them as beautiful in an understated way. Watch them for a short period and you'll be charmed by their fly-catching antics. Spotted flycatchers fly from a high perch, dash out to grab a flying insect and return to the same spot.  (link)

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Common Sandpiper

4/5/16:: Ben Rhydding gravel pits nature reserve,

Common Sandpiper at RSPB Conwy